Welcome to LOVING CARE...

We provide exceptional medical, recreational, social, educational, and rehabilitative services to medically disabled adults in Montgomery County Maryland.

Our programs are designed to provide the best support and care for seniors with debilitating medical, cognitive, or emotional conditions that prevents them from being able to independently care for themselves.

Our fully trained and licensed medical staff provide constant and professional supervision and care to our participants from the moment they are in our care until they are returned safely back to their place of residence.

The program's social interaction and activities are ideal for individuals who are home-bound, often lonely, and long for a venue for social interactions and cognitive stimulation.


Our Primary Care Services Include:

  • Transportation
  • Medical Nursing Services
  • Nutritional Meals
  • Social Activities
  • Physical Activities
  • Mental and Cognitive Activities
Optional Care Services Include:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Psycho Therapy
  • Grooming and Personal Care services
  • Educational Classes
  • Outdoor Activities & Events
  • Other Special Needs Services


LOVING CARE  provides services to all adults with need.

Many of our services can be provided to qualified seniors Free of cost. We welcome you to contact us and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable Membership Specialists to review your individual care options, answer your questions, and to assist you with obtaining the best care and maximum benefits.

You are also welcome to visit our Center and participate in our program for FREE for 2 days to determine whether our programs meet your needs.

We are confident that you will be thrilled with our friendly and professional services and that you will ask your friends to join our program as well.

You can find the solution to your family's Senior Care needs at  LOVING CARE ...